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++ Ralf Souquet official sponsoring partner ++

..... "The best protection caused by the cuecase in my work unit, in conjunction with the exclusive design and the high quality standard is a reliable partner that cuecase in my success."

The characteristics of a game are influenced considerably by the material a player is equipped with. Therefore the constancy and perfection a player wants to achieve, can only be reached on the scale his equipment makes possible.
For this reason I have already had my cue case, produced by Instroke Germany Casecompany, for several years. The new sales company, or rather the trademark Stroke Sports, has now offered me additional support.
I am sure that the performance I want to reach, can only be reached successfully in this way.
The "Individual Engineering" of the Instroke German Group offers full potential to any player, in order to be able to perform as well as possible, according to his individual capacities.
Thanks to the ideal protection of my tool that the cue case provides, in connection with the exclusive design and the high quality standard, this cue case is a reliable partner of my success.

Ralf Souquet


Instroke german group

The founder of todays modern cue cases, the Company Instroke GmbH & CO KG, founded in 1995,...

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