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They want to organize a Billiardturnier?
We make it still more attractive!...

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Billard Dart Table Football
We can supply you with billiards, darts and table football
If you can make us some space in your Billiard-Club-Cafe....

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Does your Pool-Snooker-Carambol or Pyramid cue need a new outfit????....


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Europe's greatest choice of Billiard Cuecase

Permanently gigantic choice to different Instroke Billard Cases of the store. Click here directly to the cuecase pictures Slider 


+++Pro Shop Center Ilshofen (Germany)

You go us per shop center in Ilshofen. We like to welcome you and to advise you over the tools in your kind of sport: Billiards, Dart or player. Enjoy the advantage of the work sale of the worldwide popular per product of Instroke German Group and have their product range demonstrated. Experience the "individual engineering" for your professional sports.

Exhibition "Stuttgarter Herbst"

Visit us for Indoor Recreation Expo on our big booth.


Instroke german group

The founder of todays modern cue cases, the Company Instroke GmbH & CO KG, founded in 1995,...


++ Ralf Souquet official sponsoring partner ++

..... "The best protection caused by the cuecase in my work unit, in conjunction with the exclusive...

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