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The trademark

This trademark is used for the new label of our successful cue cases for sale in the USA. Production is still under control of the company Instroke Sports GmbH & Co. KG, situated in Germany, Ilshofen. The quality of our products can thus be guaranteed for our customers again. With the foundation of the sales company called "Stroke Sports OHG" in 2003, we would like to demonstrate our commitment once more to our customers. In the fields pool billiard, snooker, carambol and in all other activities around these sports, as well as in darts and kicker, we are a reliable partner for distributors and for consumers. Distribution of all products of the company Instroke Sports GmbH & Co. KG will exclusively be done by the company Stroke Sports OHG. The traditional company Instroke Sports has always been situated at its original location Ilshofen, Germany. Our new sales company Stroke Sports OHG is situated at the same place. The entire group presents the whole range of their products on this homepage.

Company history

Our traditional production of cue cases started decades ago when the style of today?s cue cases was only just beginning to develop. At the beginning we only used to build individual cases our customers ordered. Then we gradually developed our production of high quality cue cases, always taking into account our customers? wishes. These first steps in the direction of professional production were so successful that in 1995 we founded the company Instroke Sports GmbH in Germany (Ilshofen). From then on we produced different lines of cue cases of various design. The company was very successful and kept expanding over the years, as the international market also became interested in our products. Today our customers are situated in the USA, in Europe and in Japan.




The cue cases of our lines ?Cowboy? and ?Classic? have been popular on the market from the beginning, and they still sell very well today.

At the end of the 1990ies the market started developing in a peculiar direction: many producers thought it was worth copying the successful design of our cue cases. We had some experience with our Asian competitors. Companies in the Far East (especially in Taiwan) used the methods everybody already knows and started to build cue cases by exactly copying our design.

These cases are of inferior quality, due to their simplified methods of production as well as to the inferior quality of their raw materials, but they sell on the market for very cheap prices. Prime quality will always have its price!

By the turn of the century, the organization of our distribution network grew. Unfortunately the good image of the trademark Instroke suffered a painful loss, due to the activities of one of our former employees. He started up a competition with our company and had the cue cases produced in Taiwan, using the same Instroke Logo, in order to sell the cases in the USA.

From then on our customers had difficulties to determine the true origin of the cue cases.

In order to keep the damage to our image as low as possible, we decided to prevent long lasting difficulties like law suits and so on.

In 2003 the associates of the company Instroke GmbH & Co. KG founded a new and clearly distinctive trademark.


Instroke german group

The founder of todays modern cue cases, the Company Instroke GmbH & CO KG, founded in 1995,...


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